Hey, I'm Conan

I’m a sports and event photographer based in Kelowna, BC and working everywhere my camera takes me.

I was born In Toronto where I got my start as a student yearbook photographer, shooting school events. I then moved to Kelowna for University where I earned my degree in exercise physiology. I developed a lifelong passion for both playing sports as well as shooting sports events and really anything that moved fast. I am a self proclaimed social butterfly which naturally lead to me also shooting some truly incredible events. The move to British Columbia meant I was surrounded by the beautiful outdoors and adventure lifestyles the west coast is known for. I fell in love with the mountains and climbing; which is where you can find me when I’m skipping classes…that or riding my bike as fast as I can to the closest coffee shop.

My interest in human performance shines through in all the things I do, from competitive sport to the photos I take to the research I conduct at the university. I love to showcase the incredible things human's can do showing unique perspectives highlighting the crazy places us little ole humans can go. My work mainly revolves around adventure sports and cycling, being both an avid climber and ex elite road cyclist I love to stay involved in both scenes as both an athlete and a photographer.

As a developing photographer I am eager to expand and push my comfort zone to help capture your special moments and tell your incredible story.

My DMs are always open if you’d just like to chat or get to know me better, come say hi!