Individual Portraits

Document a special moment in your life, a graduation, an award, or just little ole you! Special packages for graduations and prom are available from May - June. For all other portraits reach out and lets get the conversation started!

Pricing starts at $130/hr

Corporate Events

When professionalism and adaptiveness is of the utmost importance you can depend on me to document your event without any interruptions. I can be a fly on the wall or an integral part of your event, reach out and lets get the conversation started

Pricing starts at $200/hr

Sports Events

The sounds the emotions and the stoke are all what makes sports so exciting. Documenting players faces when they push themselves to the limit and spectators excitement when their favorite team scores are what I specialize in! Rapid turn arounds are available for immediate post game media.

Pricing starts at $175/hr


The lights, the music, and the vibes all captured so anyone can feel like they were transported back to the magic of your concerts. Shoot me a message and lets get to rocking!

Pricing starts at $200/hr


How do I book a shoot?

Find me on social media and send me a message or hop over to the contact page and reach out to me there. Even if you just have questions feel free to drop me a line!

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! I typically request a retainer and then staggered payments can be arranged if needed.

Do you work internationally?

I sure do, travel is one of my favorite parts of my job. That being said it takes some planning, so if you'd like to have me please leave at least 1 months lead time.

What is your typical timeline?

This really depends on what event you have, I like to start planning at least 2-3 weeks in advance to both ensure availability and to ensure I have my ducks in a row come game day. Following the event depending on your deliverables my turn around time ranges from immediately post event to 10 business days post event.

What payment methods are available?

I accept all major credit cards, bank transfer, e-transfer, cheques, or in some cases chocolate croissants

Do you provide video?

Absolutely, I understand videos and highlight reels are an important part of marketing your event. I would love to provide videography alongside my photography services when covering your event.

Do you have insurance

Absolutely all my equipment is insured along with a $5 million policy in commercial global liability coverage.

Do you do volunteer work?

I love volunteering in my community. I work closely with the Stober Foundation participating and helping in any of the philanthropic efforts I can. I also am a passionate advocate for accessible education and youth sport. If you have a not-for-profit you would like me to help with please do not hesitate to reach out!